For men: what qualifies as virginity loss?

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Oct 262014

My sister took me to a party, our parents weren’t home so we went. Everyone was around 18, like my sister. I started drinking on the couch because I knew no one who was there and my sister was having sex upstairs and told me not to come in because I’m not old enough to see or participate even though I am. I drank half the bottle but I have drank before so I knew how to control it. So 15 minutes later a guy sat next to me he put his hand on my thigh and told me that I’m really pretty. He was 26 and he was really hot. We talked about things for a while and then told me there was a room upstairs. I didn’t want to go so I told him no and he said okay. So we kept talking, about sex this time and he started kissing me, slowly rubbing my pussy. I was really turned on so we went upstairs and he laid on some bed and told me to take my panties off. I did and he told me to sit on his face, so I put my pussy on his tongue and it felt amazing. He ate me out for a really long time so I got off and sucked his dick, he told me that I’m amazing and that he loves me. I really wanted him, I wanted him to fuck me so badly so I asked him to fuck me, he put his dick back in my mouth and groaned. After he cummed in my mouth I swallowed and he finally got me in all fours and slowly put his dick in me. I was wet because he ate me out so well and told me I had the prettiest pussy he had ever seen but his dick was big and thick so it hurt anyways. 10 Minutes later it stopped hurting and he started going really hard and I started moaning, my sister came in because we had to go home and cheered when she saw me getting fucked she kissed me and we had to go.

I’m 14 now and still having great sex with him and sometimes my sister when she can. He’s 29 now and isn’t with his wife anymore because he loves me more. We have sex everyday and my mom doesn’t care.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 11
  • Current Age: 14
  • How would you categorize your story?: Sexy
Oct 262014

I finally made my first communion at 15 and since i was in the class with the 7 and 8 year olds, my parents dressed me the same as the little girls in a cute, poofy, top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace socks and white shoes.they had me wear the same cloth diaper and plastic pants[rubberpants] and under shirt under my dress like the little girls wear.after my party,my crush,who was 16 and i wen to to his house and his parents were out of town.we started necking and then he ran his hand under my dress and felt my diaper and rubberpants and asked me why i was wearing them and i told him they symbolize the girls purity of when they were baptized as babies.he got really aroused and unzipped my dress and pulled it off of me,then took off my under shirt.i now had just my veil,diaper and rubberpants and lace socks on.he pushed me to my knees and made me suck him,then he pulled out and led me to his bed and we laid on it and he then took my rubberpants off and unpinned my diaper and climbed on top of me and took my virginity.After wards we showered and cleaned up,then i re dressed and he walked me home,i was feeling guilty and ashamed all the way home! thats how i lmv!

  • Name: Marrissa L.
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 17
  • How would you categorize your story?: Immature
Oct 262014

I lost my virginity to my boyfriend of about 10 months. We had touched and seen each other naked before. He knew I was virgin and I knew he was not. He told me that we would not have sex until I was completely ready for it. It was a Thursday in October. He brought me back to his house after school and we watched The Office in his living room. His parents were making dinner and later we ended playing monopoly with his little brother. Half way through our game his parents said they needed to pick some stuff up at the store because they forgot it earlier. His little brother went with them(I guess they trusted us to be home alone hahaha).

We came at the same time and I squirted (which he thought was totally hot). We got our clothes on and went downstairs to make out on the couch a little more. His parents got home about 5 minutes later and we all are dinner together. We are still together today and we have sex regularly. We will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary in a February and are planning to have sex. I don’t regret anything and we both love each other so much.We talked for a while and he started to get close to my face and he put his hand on my inner thigh. We started making out while he rubbed his hand on my thigh and grabbed my boobs under my shirt. He told me he had a condom and asked if I wanted to. YES! I wanted to so bad. So, we went upstairs to him room and he took off my shirt and bra and I took off his shirt. He sucked my nipples for a little bit then I put on his condom and laid down on his bed. He got on top and put it in slowly and gently. It hurt like hell at first but then started to feel really amazing. We started moaning as he got faster and it felt so good I never wanted him to stop.

  • Name: Kate
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 17
  • How would you categorize your story?: Perfect
Oct 202014

On October 18, 2014 around 3:00 am I lost my virginity to my best friend. Now, it may seem crazy to most that I know the exact date and time of when I lost my virginity but my virginity has always been important to me. I was the typical “I’m gonna wait till I’m married” girl, but with age I realized that sex doesn’t have to be with someone you’re married to. I feel now that sex should be with someone you care for and someone who cares for you.

But back to my story…So it started that Wednesday, I stayed the night with him and nothing had gone down..just watched some Walking Dead and went to bed. He took me to school the next morning and everything was normal. We had already planned for me to stay with him the whole weekend cause we hadn’t seen each other in about two weeks, which was a while for us cause we spend almost everyday together. But that Friday we went to a haunted house with some friends and then hung out at a friends house till about 1:30 am. We go back to his house and watch some more Walking Dead. We’re about to go to sleep and he just says out of the blue “I’m hard” and I took a breath and I told him we could try to have sex..(I’ve tried before but I couldn’t get it to go all the way in.) So he put on a condom and slowly put it in. It hurt for a while but it wasn’t too bad. He was really sweet about it and kept asking if I was okay and if it hurt. We switched positions and it felt a lot better being on top. We finished with him on top. We laid in his bed afterward and just laughed and talked about it. And that’s how I lost my virginity..I don’t have a single regret and I’m surprisingly happy about not being a virgin anymore.

  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 18
  • Current Age: 18
  • How would you categorize your story?: Happy
Oct 192014

I was having a movie night with a good friend and my crush. We cuddled as we watched movies and I felt loved. Then he started touching me and I was telling my self that I had to push the limit just a little. That he fingered me wouldn’t be a problem. That it was okay. I had planned to loose my virginity to a boyfriend in the future who would wait for me. But this guy just told me he had a condom if I was down. And because I wanted him to like me back so bad I said yes. We went down into the basement and he pulled off my PJ  and just started fucking me. I had thought it would be a lovely moment to remember. But it wasn’t. It hurt so bad. I felt like his penis was a knife inside of me. He made his business  and told me to go upstairs. And I did. He came after a few minutes and didn’t even look at me. He didn’t even speak to me. I felt so used and I cried myself to sleep. And when I woke up with my friend my crush had to gone home. I feel so worthless.

  • Name: That girl
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 15
  • How would you categorize your story?: Against my will