Jul 262014

My best friend’s boyfriend was texting me and told me to come over. My mom would never let me go to a boy’s house at 11pm. So I lied and told her that I was hanging out with a friend down the road at her Grandmas. I got to his house, We talked for an hour or so, And next thing I know my legs are on his shoulders and hes dropping my panties and leaving marks on my thighs. We madeout while we were both naked.

And he looked at me and said “Are you ready?” I was waaayyy too turned on to say no. He stuck his dick inside of me, And oh my GOSH. I instantly started moaning grabbing his back, It hurt for about 3 minutes. And after that it was the best experience of my life. It felt amazing. I got a call right when we were about to stop. My mom had fell down the stairs and broke her foot in half.. I felt TERRIBLE. I ran home.. And my mom had already went to the hospital. I was home alone with my sister who is 15. I laid in my bed, And I remembered every second of my first time experience.

Today I’m still sore. I regret last night. Why? Because he used me for sex. And my best friend is dating him.. So I decided to stop texting him. And try to forget it ever happened. Thats how I lost my virginity!

Name: Jolee
Gender: Female
Age of Virginity Loss: 13
Current Age: 13

How would you categorize your story?: Regret

Jul 232014

On last Friday night, my friends & I were gathered together at the hotel for the whole weekend. It’s a special event for us in every year. There were two guys and one girl in the room. One of the guy is already taken. There were this guy, he is literally an alcohol addict. Every time we hangout on special occasion, we always ended up making out then left like strangers. I’m always fine with it, because I don’t want to have feelings or a connection. Just affection. At around 2AM, my friend fell asleep on my bed. I moved on to another bed, with the guy. He was drinking and he got so flirtatious. We ended up kissing and cuddling. The guy who is taken, asked if we need this bed to do our business. We were like okay. I went to the bathroom and changed into pajamas. I turned off the light & turned off the TV. I made the first move, as usual. I started kissing him and put my hand down on his penis. I gave him a handjob and it automatically hard. I got on top of him, he took off my shirt and kissed my breasts. He sucked my nipples and he fingered my vagina.

While he did all that, I felt nothing. I still didn’t turn on. I went down on him and gave him a blowjob. It still felt boring to me. I wasn’t even nervous at all. I pulled down his boxer and I pulled down my panty. I grinded on him while kissing. He played with my titties. He insert his penis in me and it actually hurt. I felt a little pain. I kept going anyway, to get over with it. Then the pain seems went away. I told him he get to be the top on me and do it. I laid down and spread my legs wide open, he kept banging me and I still felt not turn on at all.

Not even feeling horny. No orgasm. I kinda had to fake my orgasm. We were sweating and the bed were a mess. He asked me if I want to go to the bathroom with him. I was like sure. We went into the bathroom and he said I really have a nice boobs. I was like giggled and thanks. He asked me to bend down. I did. He banged me and I felt the same. We decided to take the shower together. I gave him a blowjob again and washed him. We make out again. He ate me up in the shower, I still honestly didn’t feel turn on. He was so obsessed with my breasts that he constantly played with it.

I told him that he is my first. He was surprised and felt touched. After that, we just changed into our pajamas. I kissed him good night and slept on another bed with my friend. That moment, I realized I am not sexually attractive to men. I did have sexual experiences with a girl and I liked it. I realized I am gay.

Gender: Female
Age of Virginity Loss: 17
Current Age: 17
How would you categorize your story?: Secret

Jul 232014

For protection, all names, except mine, will be changed. . . . . My name is Cole. When I was 11, I was confused about my sexuality. When I turned 13, I thought that I was gay. To hide it, I went out with Alison. After we went on a few dates, I discovered that I loved her, and realized I was straight. She was blonde, cute, kinda on the heavy side, but really sweet. I remember when I met her. It was in August, 2013, on a Friday. She was just a month older than me. I asked her to be my girlfriend on October 17, 2013.

When she said yes, I was scared. I couldn’t believe that I was no longer single. She was my 8th girlfriend. However, she was my first real girlfriend. We were at the school football game with her best friend, like we were every Friday. Every game, she tried to kiss me, and every time i ruied the moment. Well, this time, i told her to just kiss me while i had my eyes shut. Soon enough, she did. It was my first kiss. I remember everything about it. Even the fact that we didnt use tounge. In December, we finally kissed with tounge, that same day, we had our first hand jobs. Two days later, our first oral sex. she sucked me than I ate her out. I loved the bj, but I didn’t like eating her out. However, I loved fingering her. It was my favorite thing to do.

Later that day, I popped the big question, “Wanna have sex?” Well we didnt do it that day. We were nervous. In January, I turned 14. After a few weeks in febuary, she brought back up the question. I said sure, but we didnt have any condoms. Her Kate gave her a condom that same day in school without me knowing. So she put the condom on me and we got started. We had the radio on so her cousin and her boyfriend wouldnt hear us. I thrusted in and out until i accidently slid out. I wasnt thinking so i just pushed back in and i hurt her. She start to cry so I started to pull out but she thrust me back in. We kept humping each other. I had my face pressed in her neck and felt like we were one.

Name: Cole
Gender: Male
Age of Virginity Loss: 14
Current Age: 14

How would you categorize your story?: Young

Jul 212014

This is the night of my life. That is what I kept thinking as he crushed me. This boy’s name was Blane and he was the hottest boy in school. From the beginning of freshmen year I knew I wanted him. In some way. I had to have him. I fought several girls to get him. The first one I lost. But then the next two I beat with ease. those b*tches had why was coming to them anyways. So as I went out with him it seemed like I was the aggressive one. He always told me he loved me and of course I loved him too. But I wanted him every way possible. Especially sexually. His smell turned me on. The way he would wink and smile at me made me so hot. We kissed for the first time in the summer at Six Flags. Blane was such a gentleman. He knew it was my first kiss and he made it the best as possible. I loved it. We did not ride a lot of rides that day ;) As we progressed in our relationship. I could tell he wanted me in every way I wanted him. But we wanted to wait. We were too young and we had really strong morals.

But eventually we succumbed to this undying urge to have sex. He invited me over to his house. I was all for it. I told my mom we would be eating and watching TV the whole time as we had done many times before. But for some reason. This time was different…I rang his doorbell at 6 o clock on December 28th. I wore my Victoria Secret panties because I knew I was about to get some d*ck. ….LOL Anyways I came in and went straight to his bedroom. I went in and sat on his bed. He already had Netflix up on his laptop but I knew we would be watching no movies tonight. As he was deciding what to watch. I crawled over him and kissed him slowly and then passionately. He was happily surprised. He chose a random movie and laid the computer down on the opposite of the bed. I sat on his lap. I was making out with him tonguing him down fiercely. I could tell he was enjoying it. As I came up for air he kissed my neck. I didn’t care about any hickies. I brought a scarf and makeup just in case am dukes got to oc’ing.

He kissed my neck so sexy and began to unbutton my shirt. He kissed me and worked his way down to my belly button. He said “take your bra off”. I did obediently. I was completely topless. And took his shirt off as well. I stared him like excitedly. He kissed my chest and slowly began to suck them. It was very wondrous sensation. I had never experienced this before. He would bite me I loved that. So I suffered in silence lol. He then ripped off my pants. I was fine with that. I didn’t like them that much anyways. They were from urban outfitters though so he owe me $50. But at the time it was so hot and steamy in his room. He then took my panties off and began to finger me slowly as well as kissing me romantically. Nobody was home. So I moaned loudly. He was enjoying watching me yell. He stopped abruptly for the pizza man had rang the doorbell. I laid in his bed and reapplied my cherry Chapstick as he got the pizza. I was naked underneath his covers. As he brought it into his kitchen. I rolled out of the bed with ease and ran to the pizza. I grabbed a slice and was looking for something to drink. But before I knew it, Blane’s pants were off in and second and his boxers were around his ankles, he pushed me aggressively against his glass table. I was cold. but he began giving me backshots. He was so good at it too lol.

I couldn’t even eat my pizza I was screaming so loud. Of course I was a virgin and he popped my cherry. I didn’t care. The pain was so blissful I just let it happen. I finished my slice and he stopped. He pulled out and came on my back. But he quickly wiped it off with a towel. we were both sweating. And couldn’t stop grinning at each other while we were finishing the pizza naked in his living room. We were still sweaty. So he asked me to take to a shower with him. I accepted. we raced to the bathroom and he ran the water. We stepped in excitedly. We made out for nine minutes and then suddenly his strong arms picked my body up and effed me against the wall. The sensation turned to pleasure instead of pain. I was so wet inside and out. He was moaning and I was clawing his back. Crying out. But he obviously didn’t care. I was happy. We had sex in so many dif positions that night. I couldn’t walk right. We went to sleep and I awoke him with head. He was so happy he kept me in his bed all night. My mom forgot to pick me up that night. I was overjoyed and fell asleep in his arms.

And that is how I lost my V. To the love of my life. We are still together in college and we love having sex to this day. I will never get tired of him. I loved every moment of it ☺️

Gender: Female
Age of Virginity Loss: 15
Current Age: 20
How would you categorize your story?: Awesome

Jul 062014

I was on holiday n Crete with my friends when a bunch of guys from our hotel happened to be at the same bar as us. I sat next to this guy cos he was near my friends and we started talking, then he asked to kiss me so i said yes. We spoke for a bit longer then all his mates went to the beach and he asked me to go with them but i still had a drink left so his friends left and he waited for me.

Once I finished my drink we walked down to the beach and along the water for about ten minutes. We then sat on a sun bed and started kissing then he put his hand down my knickers so I got on top of him and the next thing I know he has no shorts on and I’m in my bra. He fucked me for a bit then he went down on me and I went down on him then we fucked again. He came then we got dressed and walked back to all our friends on the beach. We were on the sunbed for about an hour and he still wanted more… and thats how i lost my virginity to a guy i knew for about and hour. It was actually amazing.

Gender: Female
Age of Virginity Loss: 17
Current Age: 17
How would you categorize your story?: Perfect