Aug 232014

When I was in secondary school, I thought I knew my boyfriend. He was shy and sensitive, the type you would call nerdy or geeky. Despite that, he was my first love and I could talk with him for hours about everything under the sun. Prior to my first time, I have never masturbated nor watched any form of pornography. I had also never seen a real penis before. Little did I know, my boyfriend had a horny side of him waiting to come out. It was one weekend close to our first year anniversary that his parents went out of town. I remember vividly that night was raining heavily and I was drenched when I arrived at his house. After a change of clothes, we decided to order pizza and watch movies for the rest of the night. During the movie, he placed his hand on my thigh, I giggled and kissed him lightly. With a confident grin, he expertly lifted me with his slightly-toned arms and carried me to his parent’s bedroom. I was taken by surprised and struggled a little. He threw me on the bed and proceeded to remove his shirt revealing his lean muscular body.

Feeling aroused, I told him to remove his pants which he did gleefully. Seeing a penis for the first time, I was embarrassed and at the same time, in awe. His penis became rock-hard almost immediately and he smiled cluing me to touch his pride. Being innocent as I am, I asked him what I should do and he told me to lick it like I meant it. I was disgusted by that and refused to do it. He told me to calm down, as he laid me on the bed. He slowly lifted my blouse and sensually licked my tummy making his way up. Stretching my bra to reveal my perky breasts, my boyfriend kissed in-between my breasts while using his rough hands to squeeze my nipples lightly. He climbed on top of me, looked me in the eyes and placed his lips onto mine, giving me a sloppy, wet, disgusting, yet strangely stimulating kiss.

While kissing, I reached down for his still-erect penis and stroked it gently. In a short moment, I could feel his sticky load on my hand. Being aroused by his puslating penis, I licked his cum off my hand. Remembering how my friends talk about their boyfriends finishing too quickly, I gave a disappointed look on my face. Just when I thought my adventure was over, my boyfriend was gleaming with horniness and tried removed my denim shorts with much difficulty. Thinking of making up to him earlier, I turned him over and grabbed his balls playfully making him wince in pain. That was the only time I ever heard him swear. He angrily told me to stop and demanded that I kiss his family jewels. Instead, I kissed the tip of his penis, enjoying the control I had over him as he gave a light moan. I began to tickle the glans of his penis with my tongue, tasting his salty cum, and covering his penis with my saliva. He grabbed my head with his hands and slowly pushed his penis deep into my mouth. I choked and gasped a little, but not wanting to disappoint him, I took it like an experienced woman who has done it a thousand times. I seductively cupped his balls in my hands while licking the area between his penis and his balls. After five minutes or so, I crawled up his toned body and gave him a reassuring kiss. He began unbuttoning my blouse, and in one swift motion, undid my bra. He rolled me over and suckled my left breast while reaching in my denim shorts for my vagina.

I was paralyzed by his action and gave a heavy moan. Before long, I was completely naked with a guy for the first time in my life. My boyfriend smiled when he saw my shaved pussy and whispered to my ear he loved it. As I spread my legs wide for him, he teased my clitoris with his tongue, opening my vagina with one hand, fingering it with the other. As my vagina dilated, nipples stiffen and goosebumps light up, I moaned with pleasure becoming extremely wet and aroused. He made me lick my own juices, seductively telling me how good I tasted and how sweet I smelled. At this moment, I told him to penetrate me and give me all his manhood. He slided his large erect penis into me, a little deeper with every thrust. Wanting more, I grabbed his hips tightly and for a few seconds, I felt his entire length in me. In that moment, our eyes locked and I knew I was complete. He clenched his hands into mine and started thrusting his penis faster. With each thrust, I moaned as I feel his balls slamming into my vulva, I tried grabbing his penis with my vaginal muscles, making him grunt with each thrust. As he slowed down, I wrapped my arms around his neck and reached up to give him a deep kiss. As I let go, he told me to ride him. He was sure I would love it. I willingly lower myself into his penis until his entire rod filled me up, I gasp for air and started to shake.

Being my first time, I did not know how to move my hips. My boyfriend held my hips and began to direct me up and down. As I learnt to ride him, I reached back and grabbed his balls with one hand while using the other for support, making him moan as I gently roll his balls in my hand. He grabbed my breasts like a trophy giving them a massaging squeeze with every thrust. It was this moment where I orgasm-ed for the first time in my life despite not knowing back then. I laid on him with his penis still in me, clearly drained from all the new sensations I am feeling. He laid me down again and said he had to take something. I’d figured he had to go to toilet or something.

He emerged a minute later with an Hitachi Magic Wand. He said he bought this for me and would like to try it on me there and then. Being too tired, I tried to refuse him. He pinned me down and forced the vibrator on my already-swollen clitoris, making me wince in excitement. Quite clearly, he went overboard. I struggled as I tried to push him off, but he was too strong for me. I screamed like a banshee with both pain and arousal at the same time.

After a few minutes, my vagina throbbed uncontrollably and my boyfriend laughed like an evil freak. Just when I thought it was finally over, he turned me over facing down, he pushed his still-erect penis into my numb pussy, squeezing my ass as he did so. I couldn’t find the strength to move anymore, so just allowed him to satisfy himself to his desires. He grabbed my breasts from behind and pinched my nipples really hard. Tears came flowing down my eyes, but I remained brave. After what seemed like an eternity, I felt asleep from exhaustion. I did not know what happened after I fell asleep, but I was just thankful he cummed all over my body and did not cum in me. I woke up about an hour later to a thunder-strike and saw my boyfriend asleep.

I knew then, that the shy boyfriend I knew was a horny devil. While I was glad it was so enjoyable, I felt violated with what he did to me. After my first time, I started my masturbation and pornography habits so that I was always prepared for sex with my boyfriend. Although the relationship ultimately lasted for two years, I never stopped my dirty habits. I still use the vibrator he gave to me.

  • Name: Rachel
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 15
  • Current Age: 24
  • How would you categorize your story?: Enlightening
Aug 232014

I had been working in a kitchen in a retirement home for a few months. All the younger part time servers thought the cook, Jon, was really hot and had a great personality. I did too but never really interacted with him outside of a work setting. Until one day, he messaged me on FB. Just casual conversation, and then we started texting. We learned each others life stories, we told jokes and we really connected. That’s when i fell in love with him.

The problem(s) being 1.He was my boss 2. I was 16 3. He was 28 4. He was married 5. He had a daughter.

I knew all of the above, but still really wanted to be with him, and have someone want me. I think of it now, not that i was a bad person for going along with it but because i had a really low self-esteem and to be the one he picked to be with out of all the beautiful girls at work made me feel special. We continued texting for 3 days, then at 5am after his wife went to work, he invited me over to him place. His daughter was asleep upstairs when i got there. He lead me to his basement, we sat on the bed down there with a hockey game on. He asked me if i was sure i wanted to, because i looked nervous. I said yes. He went upstairs to grab a condom. Then he put his hands in my pants and played with me a bit. Then he laid me down and took my pants off. When he entered me, it hurt a little bit but not too bad. He was pretty fast and came pretty quick to, because he was drunk.

Later found out he was an alcoholic-which is a big part of why he cheated on his wife. We never kissed. We never hugged. We never cuddled. For a 16 year old girl, it was not a personal, loving experience. But i couldnt help being just a little proud…

  • Name: Cindy
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 16
  • Current Age: 17
  • How would you categorize your story?: Secret
Aug 232014

My wedding night was quite an eye opening experience. I was raised and home schooled by my very conservative and religious father. The only sex ed I got from him was that if a boy put his tongue in your mouth that was sex and you would get pregnant. Obviously my husband knew I was a virgin but he didn’t know just how naive I was. You just imagine his surprise when I thought it was over after he French kissed me. The whole thing was embarrassing and very painful and not at all what I expected . It would have been better if I understood.

  • Name: Melanie
  • Gender: Female
  • Age of Virginity Loss: 19
  • Current Age: 19
  • How would you categorize your story?: Enlightening
Aug 082014

First, I want to start off by saying that my parents didn’t know I had a boyfriend at the time I lost my virginity. They don’t know that I am still dating him either. So, on the night I lost my virginity, I went to a concert with my boyfriend and his father. It turned out that they had purposely bought three tickets, including one for me. After the concert, we dropped his father off at their house, and we drove off to hang out some more. We stopped in the parking lot of my former middle school and started making out in his car. Suddenly, he got out of the car and started folding down the back seats of the car.

He then got into the back of his car, and invited me to the back. Me, being completely clueless about his actions, agreed and joined him in the back. We started making out again, and he started reaching down my skirt. At this point, I realized his true intentions and started freaking out. However, he was pretty persistent, and after a while, I was turned on by his actions. We stripped each other’s clothes, and he pulled out a condom that was stored somewhere in his car. Then it happened. Afterwards, he drove me all the way back to my house (which was at least 30 minutes away), where I got scolded for coming back home at 2am.

Gender: Female
Age of Virginity Loss: 16
Current Age: 17
How would you categorize your story?: Secret

Aug 042014

I was in this play for my theater class and afterward I saw this boy from my English class. He told me he got his license and he invited me to get some dinner with him. I agreed and we drove to get some whataburger and we drove back to the school and sat there, eating and talking about class. Then this song came on and it was getting really intimate. The whole car smelled like fries and I was getting pretty tired. He offered to drive me home and I told him I can sit for a little while longer. He told me he liked me and I freaked out and he started to kiss me. Cue freaking out even more. I wanted to get out of the car but that kiss shocked me and turned me on. I grabbed his shoulders and we made out some more. He asked me if I wanted to get into the backseat and I agreed and I knew something was going to happen. We were really paranoid too! We kept looking around to make sure no one saw us, but the parking lot was almost empty. We were making out some more and I let him touch my breasts and I never felt this before – a weird sensation of warmth. And I started peeling off his clothes and he did the same to me and before I knew it he was inside me and IT HURT SO BAD IT WAS LIKE WHEN YOUR JEANS ARE TOO TIGHT AND YOU CROSS YOUR LEGS BUT 100X WORSE then it began to sink in that this was pleasurable. And after that he drove me home and we’re dating.

Gender: Female
Age of Virginity Loss: 16
Current Age: 16
How would you categorize your story?: Awesome